Thursday, March 29, 2012

Will It Be A Boy or Will It Be A Girl???

Did you know that I'm going to be a grandma? My daughter is going to make me a grandma and she promises me that I don't have to swap out my pink hair for gray hair just yet ;-) We are all very excited as I'm sure you can imagine. I've always said that raising my children to be independent, competent, loving, kind, giving people is the most important thing I will ever do. EVER. But now I get to spoil a grandchild and leave all the difficult parenting stuff to my daughter and her husband! HA!

My daughter will be the best mom EVER. She is such a phenomenal, accomplished, brilliant young woman and she knows that parenting is the most important job. My daughter and my son are ten years apart. They never one time had a single argument or even a frustration with each other. Not once. They ADORE each other and this summer Nick will become an uncle. Mellissa will be delivering this baby the same week that my last child leaves for college. I think God knew that my heart will break in half when none of my babies are at home.

What? You want to know if the baby is a BOY or a GIRL? Girl in pink raises her hand... I know, I know! Well the left side of the blog background is pink and the right side is blue. Here's some cookies to help.
Oh wait. That's no help at all is it? ;-)

Well I'll tease you just a tiny bit more and show you some fun photos of Mellissa's baby gender reveal party. We all had to pick a necklace of what we thought or hoped that the baby would be. For the last couple months, I couldn't decide. Then last week, it hit me. I want a grand-DAUGHTER and I was quite sure about it too, so I took a pink necklace. Hubby did too and so did Nick. Mellissa thought it was a boy, so she wore a blue necklace. Look at that ADORABLE baby bump! So in love with this beautiful girl!
 Mellissa and Irik had the ultrasound and asked them to not reveal the gender and instead to write it down and put it in a sealed envelope. She took that envelope to a bakery and they would fill the inside of the cake with pink for a girl or blue for a boy. When they cut into the cake in front of family, they would all know the gender. I wanted to make gender reveal cookies, but she wanted me to find out the gender at the same time as her, so she went with a cake from a bakery.
 Oh my gosh! Time to change that necklace Mellissa :-)
 Proud parents to be, Mellissa & Irik
Did you guess right? It's a GIRL! You know what's funny is that when I was pregnant with Mellissa, I was so sure it was a boy, that I only bought boy clothes and we only had a boy name picked out! Now she thought it was a boy and she will be blessed with a girl too.
Nicky and Nonie pretty excited too!
 me and my babies
So of course I had to HURRY to make some baby girl cookies last night!
 Pretty fun huh!
I bagged them all up at 2am and Mellissa came by in the morning and took them to her work so she could reveal her exciting news to her co-workers.

So ready for a twist or an added element? No, she's not having twins. We already knew that from the previous ultrasounds. Mellissa & Irik announced that the baby will be named:

Abigail - Cristin - Last name
Say it with me - AWWW!!!!
Mellissa got so choked up trying to tell all of us the baby's name that I didn't even understand her for a second. Then it hit me... hard. I'm crying just writing this. What an incredible honor!

The first time that my father held his first grandchild, my daughter went from Mellissa (our honeybee) to Missa and she's been called Missa ever since. I wish he could have held his first great-grandchild, but I'm sure he is watching over all this with love and joy.

Thanks for sharing in this excitement with us! I've so enjoyed all the emails, facebook messages and comments on my blog. You guys are so much fun to share this joy with us!

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  1. What fun. pink for me I have 3 boys.

  2. It's a GIRL! How fun...that baby will be dressed in head to tow PINK...I bet that baby will wear pink everyday of her life.....and Abigail Cristin! What a beautiful name...I have a niece named Abigail...and I think Cristin is the coolest name EVER! Congrats to you Cristin.....I know you would have been happy either with a boy or girl...but come on...your name is can you NOT have a granddaughter! Congrats to your entire family, I know that little Abigail will be surrounded with more love then imaginable!


  3. Congratulations! You will be the best grandma, although my mom would beg to differ. :)

  4. Yeah yeah daughter just told us she is expecting her's just as exciting as the first...i have no idea if it's a girl or boy but she likes to wait....your cookies are fabulous..i've just started making them...well three times but hoping to make more:0)

  5. CONGRATULATIONS, Cristin! I can't begin to tell you how AWESOME it is to be a grandma, but you'll know soon enough:) My oldest grandchild (7 years old) is a girl (The tally is 3 girls, 5 boys) and she is named after me too~Karaline Suzanne:) Oh boy, will she fill your heart with LOVE!

  6. It was so exciting to read this!! Congrats to you all and you are going to make a wonderful grandmother!

    PS-I knew you would pick the "Pink" necklace!! Hahahaha

  7. YAY! So excited for you! She is going to be a bea-YOOtiful little girl, just like her mom and grandma. Big hugs to you and I'm sitting here all teary eyed too! Xoxo

  8. Congratulations all around, Cristin! What a blessing!
    Donna B.

  9. Congratulations to you and your beautiful family! And I love the baby cookies with the pacifiers that you made for your daughter to use as announcements for her co-workers. You are so creative!!!

  10. How incredibly exciting!! Cristin - I teared up just reading this post! Your daughter will be an amazing mommy just like you are to her. :) And you will be an amazing grandmom (WITHOUT the gray!!). Keep the pink! And now, you can definitely keep the pink going through Abigail Cristin! :) Hooray! The baby announcements are so adorable, too!

  11. Your daughter looks wonderful and the news of your being a grandmom to a little girl is so exciting. Being a grandmom is exciting!! Your cookies are adorable and I know that your Dad is running around heaven scooping up all the little babies and bouncing them on his knees, overjoyed with the happiness and blessings being bestowed on his daughter and her family.

  12. Congratulations Cristin and the whole family! I can do more than imagine how you feel! I went through the same thing for the first time almost two years ago. My first granddaughter is now 1 year and 10 months and she is the love and light of my life. I wish you all the best! I know you'll enjoy every minute of it just like I do!

  13. Congratulations Cristin!! So exciting! Little girls are so cute!

  14. Congratulations, Cristin! Your excitement, good news and honored name made me cry, too!!! You are going to be an amazing grandmother!

  15. Cristin, you are the best!! not only is my favorite color pink but(as I mentioned before) I also have the best relationship with my daughter which is already a mom of 2 boys. And, as you can imagine I know exactly what you mean about becoming a grandma...yesssss, is the best thing in the world!!! and yesss I spoil my babies every day!!! :D
    BTW, my son also gave me a grandaughter which is already a princes and, of course, I got her into saying that pink is her favorite color hi,hi (^_~)
    Cristin, have a blessed day and I know you're counting the days now. Sending a big 'grandma hug' your way LOL :D


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