Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hockey Skate Cookies while waiting for the big reveal!

Well I was hoping to do a post today about my daughter's baby, my first grandchild. We had the gender-reveal party last night and I KNOW if my first grandchild will be a girl or a boy AND an extra twist! Unfortunately I have to burst at the seams and wait before telling you :( Mellissa asked me to make some baby cookies and she will tell all her co-workers tomorrow, so I have to wait to share the big news. At least I'm keeping busy with cookies!

In the meantime, I still have lots of cookies to show you. My friend, Erica, asked me to make ice hockey skate cookies for her son's hockey team.
These skate cookies are super huge and the kids always love them
What a cutie huh!
Tomorrow - gender reveal!

Hockey background in case you missed it


  1. Great hockey skates and what a cute little hockey player. I noticed these on the table when Arty McGoo came to visit. They looked huge! Lucky little fellow :)


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