Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Soccer Cookies & Tutorial

Want to know how to make easy soccer ball cookies?
I bought this really handy soccer ball cookie cutter from CheapCookieCutters.com. As you can see, it already has the indentations for the soccer ball design. All you do is use the cutter like a regular cookie cutter and bake the cookies. It will create the indentations for you to design your cookies. I'm going to show you two different ways of using this cutter.
 I should have taken a picture of the cookies baked with the indentations, but I forgot. The photo below will give you the general idea though. The first way that I used this cutter, I used the indentations to create the design and I outlined all the areas. Then you would just fill those areas in black and white for your soccer ball. 
 The 2nd way that you can use this cutter is to bake the cookies as usual with your soccer ball cookie cutter and ice the entire cookie in white. Let that sit for a short while so that the icing isn't runny, but also isn't too too hard. Then take the cutter and create an impression on the top of the icing to show you the indentations. Then use the indentations to create your design and fill the black areas. Easy peasy.
 The first time I made soccer cookies, I completely forgot the filled black sections and only did the outlines. Can you tell I'm a hockey mom, not a soccer mom!
 I was very happy with how these turned out and they weren't terribly difficult thanks to the easy soccer ball cookie cutter from CheapCookieCutters.com

These cookies made a very long trip to North Carolina to a friend's soccer team.
This is beautiful Dakota with her cookie after her team's soccer game. She and her mom hosted the snack for the team and these soccer ball cookies were a hit. Look at Ocho, the Boxer dog eyeing that cookie!
and here's my Boxer dog, Eddie, enjoying the fan on a hot day

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  1. As always...I love your cookies Cristin! I have yet to accept the challenge of a soccer ball cookie...I think before I do, I need to buy this cutter...I think it would make the task much easier!


  2. Thanks Cristin..............the team loved them and they were definitely the highlight after such a rough game! Dakota was very happy and as you can clearly see....Ocho was too. It was a pleasure working w/you and I look forward to sending many more orders your way!


  3. What kind of icing did you use and how long did you allow the white icing to dry before applying the black icing? Would you share the recipe?
    Cute cookie!!

    1. Hi Anonymous, if you send me an email at: cristinscookies@gmail.com or click on the contact me button on the right side of this blog post, then I can send you more information. I use glaze icing (my own homemade recipe, but you can find glaze icing recipes on Google) and I generally let the black dry overnight before I add in the white. I hope that helps, but you can email me for more info.

  4. Very nice cookies!! Thanks for sharing. One suggestions to make them better... the black goes on the center shape that has the 5 sides, and every other shape with a point on the outer edge.

    1. Thanks for that tip. The cookies on this blog post were from 4 years ago. The more current soccer cookies can be found here: http://www.cristinscookies.com/2015/12/b-is-for-ball-sports-cookies-for-2nd.html


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