Sunday, June 17, 2012

Topsy Turvy Birthday Cake Cookies

I'm not super creative when it comes to re-purposing cookie cutters or using them for a design other than what they are intended. To prove it, I have 762 different cookie cutters! My daughter always gets really proud of me when I come up with a new design from one of my existing cookie cutters. Well, I can't take credit for the re-purposing of my present cutter. My friend, Stella, asked me to make birthday cookies for her daughter's 18th birthday. Stella had the great idea of making topsy-turvy cakes out of my present cookie cutter. I think they came out really fun. She wanted half the cookies in pink & black and the other half of the cookies in lavender and grey. I decided to add a third color to both sets with two shades of pink and two shades of lavender to add dimension and for the different styles on each of the cake cookies.
 I had a lot of fun with these making a leopard print, a zebra print, a camo print, diamonds, stripes, squigglies and dots.
 My favorite were the pinks with black. I know you are so surprised. I think these were so much fun. They are a really large cookie and with so many designs, they took forever, but it kept it interesting to have so many different variations.

 and then there were lavenders with grey. Did you know that before my pink obsession, I was completely obsessed with lavender? My poor hubby. Everything in our world was lavender and then on August 1st 2006 he bought me a beautiful pink bicycle and it changed our whole world ;-) the pink obsession was born.

Can you see why these took a long time? There were quite a few of these large topsy-turvy cake cookies for Samantha's party!
 and here's the beautiful birthday girl, Samantha.
 She just graduated from high school like my son. I'm thinking now that I should have insisted that Samantha pick up her cookies from my son, Nick.... Cristin hits head on table... duh!
Happy Birthday Samantha and thanks for the fun cookie cutter idea Stella!

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  1. As always....great cookies Cristin! What a great color combinations! I love the cutter. Are you trying to play match maker via cookies...shame on you ;)

  2. Pretty cookies!!! 762 cutters, Lord a mercy!!! :)

  3. These are awesome Cristin. The lavender & grey is an interesting color combo. All of them are lovely & so perfect!

  4. I never get over how many cookies you make for one occasion! I as well, am not very creative at re-purposing cookie cutters but I am a long way from owning over 700 cutters LOL. These topsy-turvy birthday cakes are wonderful. No, I'm not surprised that the pink ones are your favourite, I think I like them the most too. A lot of colour mixing to decorate all of these but they sure turned out great and Samantha certainly looks very happy.


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