Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cherry Cookies and a Silly Question For You

One of the cute outfits that I bought for my soon-to-be granddaughter is a cherry outfit. It's so cute and I have this great cherry cookie cutter that was a gift from my in-laws so it was easy to make cookies to match this cute outfit.
 I can't wait to see Abigail in this cute outfit
the back side 
fun gift for Mellissa to open
this gift box is a fun color of lime green, but didn't show up as such in the photo, but cute cherry ribbon on the gift box

So here's my silly question for you... If you went on a looong bike ride yesterday (106 miles) and it was BLASTING hot all day long (Garmin said 90-107 degrees) what do YOU think would be the MOST important thing to do after your ride:

1. Eat dinner because you burned 6,079 calories on your ride.
2. Take out your contacts because the intense headwinds made it feel like your contacts are stuck on your eyeballs and surrounded by sandpaper.
3. Clean your bike because you love your pretty pink bike.
4. Take a shower because you feel sticky, smelly, sweaty, and salty from the intense heat (yes, the 4 S's).
5. Let your dog kiss your neck because he loves it when you are his personal salt stick.
6. Hug your son because you haven't seen him all day, but keep in mind that he is 5'10 and fully envelopes you and it's still 90 degrees and you are the 4 S's as noted above.
7. Wash your bike clothes because they have salt stains from the hot day.
8. Check your email because you've been away from your computer all day and your friend posted a picture of her adorable little daughter that got pink streaks in her hair and she's becoming a mini-Pinkie.
9. Sleep because you're beyond exhausted.

Okay you might think that this is open to personal decision, but you'd be WRONG. ;-) There is only one correct answer even though all of them seem like a very good idea. So which one is the most important/enjoyable thing to do after a long and difficult work-out? ;-)

Cherry blog background for today:


  1. Ummm...jumping into a large pool of water with clothes on with the dog and the boy and then have the laptop on a chair beside the pool so you could check email and take bites of food. That ALMOST covers all the options. I guess you could take the bike in the pool too. ;)

    1. I smiled so big reading this that my cheeks hurt!

  2. well, it's kind of a toss up because I sooooo know exactly how sandpaper eyes feel and it's not fun...but if it were ME? #8 of course! That IS a silly question! ;0)

    1. yaa the sand paper eyes really suck when your body is worn down and your tolerance level is low!

  3. Ellie would say to do #8, but as a mommy I know that it must be #6. <3

    1. Unfortunately both Ellie and mom are wrong on this one ;-) The thing that was the most important was all I could think about the last 20ish miles... :-)

  4. I would say that you probably hugged Nick....but I have to say...Ellie is adorable....she is a mini-pinkie for sure!


  5. I'd rip my contacts out, but that's just me! I do that as soon as I'm done skiing, while still sitting outside waiting for my hubby to finish.

  6. I have done that, but NOT in that HEAT(Just incredibly strong head winds)! YIKES for you! I know the last 20 miles I just wanted to get home and relax on my couch. I don't have contacts, so I'll say...take a shower!?! CONGRATS on your accomplishment, and I adore the cherry cookies!

  7. Well, I know I would SLEEP! Even after a shorter ride, that's all I can do when I get home. Although, I do shower first. Shower and straight to bed until the next morning. hehe

    I know you wash your bike the morning of the rides so it's not that one. You usually do #8 but you already said that wasn't it.

    Hmmmm....#5, then #4?

  8. I'm gonna say #3. I think if anyone can ride a bike for 100 + miles they have a very close relationship with their bike. They want to clean their bike and make it all pretty. A thank you for the great ride :).

  9. Sweet outfit, gift box and cookies! If I rode like you did I think I'd hug my son first upon getting home and then I'd just sleep :0


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