Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rubber Duckies and the Answer To My Silly Question

You guys made me smile with your answers to my silly question. Answer below, but first we have some rubber duckies today and you'll see why they fit with the answer too.
The cookies were made to match these cutesie little layette outfits that Mellissa received.

 Yesterday I posted a picture of my office with cookie cutter storage on Facebook and everyone enjoyed it so I thought I would share it all with you too. Remember that I created a spreadsheet for your own use to organize your cookie cutters too.
So here was my silly question for you... If you went on a looong bike ride yesterday (106 miles) and it was BLASTING hot all day long (Garmin said 90-107 degrees) what do YOU think would be the MOST important thing to do after your ride:

1. Eat dinner because you burned 6,079 calories on your ride.
2. Take out your contacts because the intense headwinds made it feel like your contacts are stuck on your eyeballs and surrounded by sandpaper.
3. Clean your bike because you love your pretty pink bike.
4. Take a shower because you feel sticky, smelly, sweaty, and salty from the intense heat (yes, the 4 S's).
5. Let your dog kiss your neck because he loves it when you are his personal salt stick.
6. Hug your son because you haven't seen him all day, but keep in mind that he is 5'10 and fully envelopes you and it's still 90 degrees and you are the 4 S's as noted above.
7. Wash your bike clothes because they have salt stains from the hot day.
8. Check your email because you've been away from your computer all day and your friend posted a picture of her adorable little daughter that got pink streaks in her hair and she's becoming a mini-Pinkie.
9. Sleep because you're beyond exhausted.

I loved everyone's responses and comments. And the ANSWER is: #4

I know a lot of you thought that getting a hug from my 18-year old son would be first priority, but I was so sticky hot and all I thought of for the 20 miles prior to the end of the long bike ride was a SHOWER. I thought I would just shower and curl up in bed, but what actually happened:

Nick mauled me for a big sweaty hug as soon as I got home from the 106-mile ride, so I didn't really have a choice on that ;-) then I normally would have stopped to let Eddie give me a few salty kisses, but I headed straight for the shower. I thought I would go straight to sleep, but hubby had bought me dinner and my stomach was growling loudly, so I did clean my contacts and then eat dinner. Then I checked email and heard about my friend Ellie and her new pink hair and then stayed up til midnight before falling into a very restful sleep. So I got most of the things on my list anyway!

Tomorrow I have another silly question for you... and of course more cookies! Oh and do you see why the rubber ducky background is so fitting today?


  1. I love that all your rubber ducks are outlined in black and that they are all different. More sweet outfits and gift box too. Shopping for baby clothes is so much fun!

  2. I love clicking on your blog and watching your page load. I saw ducks today and got so excited! Your cookies are adorable and I love the disco dust on the wings!

    PS- Thanks for the spreadsheet! Can't wait to organize my cutters! You are awesome!!!


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