Friday, July 6, 2012

Crab Cookies and a New Cutter

As you know, I'm pretty excited of my first grandchild being born in about 7 weeks! My daughter is looking absolutely adorable with her round belly! So for baby Abigail I bought an adorable outfit with a crab on it. My son loves sea creatures and so this one made me think of him since he will be going away to college right about the time that my granddaughter is born. Did I tell you that Mellissa is actually due to deliver on THE DAY Nick moves into college? I appreciate God looking out for me with not being ready for an empty nest, but that's cutting it a bit close! How am I supposed to be at both HUGE events at one time? Ugh! Everything happens for a reason, I know. Plane tickets and hotel rooms have already been purchased to get Nick to college, so I think it would be best if Mellissa deliver BEFORE we go out of town. God are you listening??? I know, I know.... it's all in God's plan.

Ok so back to the cutesie outfit. I bought this adorable crab outfit and I really, really wanted a crab cookie cutter to match it. I looked all over, but none of them were quite this cute. I knew I could draw the design onto a cookie, but that makes it smaller and I really wanted this one to be just like the cute outfit. So... I begged asked my son-in-law if he would try to make me a cookie cutter. I bought the cookie cutter kit and printed out the design with exact size measurements. Irik took the challenge and jumped right in! When he gave me the cutter, he said "it has character". I couldn't be more in love with this cutter and so incredibly thankful that Irik accepted my challenge! So here's what I made.
 Isn't she so cute???! I love her.
 and here was my inspiration for these cookies. At first I just had bought the outfit on the right, but after Irik made me the cutter and I was so in love with it, I had to go buy ANOTHER cute crab outfit for Abigail!
 This is the back of this cutesie outfit

 and here is my beautiful new cookie cutter made by the amazing Irik, son-in-law. 
Here's Irik and my baby Mellissa and their baby Abigail
Thank you so much Irik... ready for another challenge? ;-)
Off for a bike ride. Lots more cookies to come...

Crab blog background for today:


  1. So cute! I absolutely LOVE your cookie designs and wish your daughter a safe and healthy delivery! :)

  2. So so cute Cristin! Our cat is named Abigail. We call her Abby, or Abbers, or Abber-dabber-do or sometimes she thinks her name is GET DOWN! lol Just giving you a heads up on some nicknames for your new granddaughter. Irik did a great job on the cutter, that couldn't have been easy. A beautiful couple!

    1. Ha ha! Hopefully we'll never have to call her "Get Down!" ;-) My kids were never climbers, but my son thought it was great fun to get inside a cupboard and empty it out - repeatedly. :-)

  3. Thanks Mom (in-law). Glad to take on the challenge and make you so excited and happy. I love making people happy, especially Mellissa, you, and our Abigail as soon as she is here.

    Garden of Edens

  4. That's awesome Cristin. I'll tell ya, that's one cute outfit with one cute crab. I love them both. Sharon @ the Plaid Cookie


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