Thursday, July 19, 2012

Yee-Haw Cowgirl Cookies for a Bridal Shower

My friend, Suzette, asked me if I would do cowgirl cookies for a bridal shower she was hosting. The only problem, I wasn't allowed to use pink! Mean huh ;-) She gave me a cowgirl bandana that they were using as the theme colors. It was a dark teal. She also said she trusted my judgement and wanted bridal shower type of cookies and cowgirl type of cookies and I could RUN WITH IT. Don't you just love hearing that! So it was time to play. 
So I made a bunch of bridal shower type of cookies 
 and then I made a bunch of cowgirl fun specialty drawn cookies
 I just love how the cowgirls turned out. These are from clipart that I purchased from PeachPoPsClipArt etsy shop. Melissa and Melinda have such fun artwork!
 and more western gals
 and more cowgirl stuff
Then I took my cowboy cutter from and made her into a girl. Thanks to my daughter, Mellissa, for helping me to envision a skirt and making her girly.

I had SOOO much fun with these cowgirls! 
I tried giving her hair too, but the face is so small on my cowboy that there really wasn't enough room and I liked the ones without hair coming out of the cowboy hat better. Sorry for the bad photos. I'm still learning and it was a BAD photo day.
 cowgirl hats
cowgirl boots - I love these! 
and some horses for my cowgirls 
 and I took a huge steer head that I got from and added some personalization to it.
 wedding dresses
 wedding cakes
 wedding gifts
 corsets for the bridal shower
 and wedding rings with silver luster dust painted on them and white disco dust on the diamond
i do cookies 
 and then I packaged the cookies up with super fun cowgirl sayings that Suzette came up with.
 and they were all ready to go
 This is my friend Suzette. She's a HOOT. Super funny and witty and adorable. I think she's super cool.
I've been wanting to make cowgirl cookies for quite some time. I'm excited to get one more theme off my bucket list!

Since I wasn't allowed to use pink in the cookies, I'll use it for my cowgirl theme background for today. Yes, I'm a bit of a rebel sometimes ;-)


  1. Howdy Cristin,

    Wow! You did a super-fantastic job on the cookies and packaging. Yee-haw! Those cookies look delicious.

    Thank-you for the mention. Much appreciated. :-)

    Have a great week ahead!

    Melissa :-)

  2. Those cowgirls kick!!! Awesome collection . . . And you CAN make cookies without using pink!

    Carroll's Cookies n Crumbs

  3. Holy cow! How in the world did you get clip art to come our like that? Great cookies!

  4. Awesome and super cute cookies Cristin!! :)

  5. That is one huge load of cookies Suzette is holding. What a great collection that I'm sure everyone at the shower thoroughly enjoyed. I love the stick figure cookies...adorable.


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