Thursday, January 3, 2013

Aye Matey!

I have made pirate cookies a few times and yet, I never seem to get them posted on my blog. Would you believe I have over 80 sets of cookies still to post? When you spend so much time making cookies, it's difficult to also stay on top of posting pictures. The first time that I made pirate cookies was for my son-in-law, Irik. He loved them and he even bought me the pirate head cookie cutter from Copper Gifts, so of course I had to make him pirate cookies! I made these pirate cookies in October and completely fell in love with them. Especially the hand-drawn designs.
These were my favorite. They took a long time to decorate, but they are just waaay too cute. I bought the clipart from SharenMoments and just love her beautiful artistry.
Pirate ships. I made a couple different designs just to try out.
 I like this one best personally, but I think Mellissa likes the one with the skull best.

and you really can't make pirate cookies without making skull & cross bones

 and of course pirate heads. Irik bought me this cookie cutter and I love it.

and fun pirate swords with grey sanding sugar on them.

 and some really wide treasure chests
 and some smaller treasure chests
 and of course a parrot or two
 Mellissa made these treasure maps. Aren't they INCREDIBLE. She is so talented. Especially considering it is with glaze icing. I ate one of them. Gosh they are good :-) I still remember eating that cookie and this was in October!
So there you have it, some fun pirate cookies. We really had fun with these!

I cleaned out all my cookie cutter stash the last couple days. I'm still putting my office back together, but it's feeling a little less cluttered!

Pirate blog background for today. I had fun making this too!:

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  1. Loving the treasure map cookies! With 80 sets of cookies not yet posted, you could go the entire year without baking another cookie and still keep your blog current :)


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