Friday, March 1, 2013

Raccoon Cookies for the Love Bandit

Today I would like you to meet Robbie the Raccoon. He is the Love Bandit that stole my heart.

Cookie Cutter Available HERE
Download Tutorial Card HERE
Free Printable Cookie Tag HERE
 I made Robbie for Valentines Day and he stole my heart. 
 The Robbie the Raccoon cookie cutter is available HERE

 Even little Abigail likes raccoons!
 I had a lot of fun with these little raccoons!
 Don't forget to enter the 4,000 fan give-away on Cristin's Cookies! You can join in the excitement here from Cristin's Cookies on Facebook or from yesterday's blog post. I know the blog background is messed up today. It's a PhotoBucket issue that I'm trying to figure out...

Raccoon blog background for today:


  1. Love love love your cutters, Cristin. How DO you do them? Love love love your granddaughter too. She's precious and has such cute cookies, I mean, clothes!!

  2. I LOVE your cookie cutters!!!

  3. I would love to have this cutter. Love raccoons but mine wouldn't be as cute as yours! Congrats on your 4,000 fans!!!

  4. It's supposed to be Ricky Raccoon!!

    1. Just kidding, lol, love you Mom! :-)

    2. Silly girl, when ROBBIE the Raccoon lives at your house, you can name him whatever you would like ;-)


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