Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Trip to Hawaii and Cookies Too

A couple weeks ago, my hubby earned a trip through his work to tropical paradise. You know, heaven. We decided to go a few days earlier than the company function and we had a fantastic time. No to do lists. No cookie orders. No business paperwork. No timelines. Yes, a little slice of heaven. As soon as we got home, I made fun cookies. I love to make fun cookies. Ones that are just crowding room in my head. I had a lot of fun with these.

You can purchase the Hawaii cookie cutters HERE
You can download the tutorial cards HERE
You can download free printable cookie tags HERE

I had already made Blanca the Hula Girl which I just love available here

and I have already made the hibiscus flower (I use this one often) which I also love, available here
 to make the hibiscus, I flood the bottom layer and while it is still wet, I also outline the middle part
 and then fill the middle part - remember this all wet on wet (don't let the bottom layer dry yet)
 then while it's wet, use a toothpick to drag out areas of the middle section
 then after the cookie fully dries, outline the sections and around the edge of the flower and add sanding sugar (optional) and then add the yellow section of the hibiscus flower
and wa-la :-)
Coconut drink is necessary in Hawaii, available here

Hang Loose Hand, this might be my new favorite. Available here

Palm Tree with wide leaves and a bended trunk, available here

Flamingo, available here

Pineapple, available here 

Sun available here

 Sunscreen Bottle available here

Hawaiian Shirt made from my bowling shirt cookie cutter available here

 Hula Dress made from my wedding dress cookie cutter available here

Swim Trunks available here

Bathing Suit available here

Sandal with Sides available here

and there's the sandal without the sides too available here

 Surfboard available here

 Wave available here

Aloha Word available here

 Oval available here

 Aloha Sign from the Birthday Sign cookie cutter. The cookie cutter is 8 blocks long, but I just used a knife and cut off 3 of the blocks before baking to make it a 5-letter word. Cookie cutter available here

My favorite thing to do in Hawaii was to go snorkeling. We went on a big snorkeling adventure, but it turned out that the best snorkeling was right in the lagoon at the hotel! I pieced together this short video for Abigail to see grandma snorkeling with sea turtles.
After all the graduation cookies I've been working on the last few weeks, I'm already ready for another vacation!

Hawaii blog background for today:


  1. I love all of the cookies, but I think I like the shaka sign (hang loose) the best:) Abigail gets cuter every time I see her!
    I also LOVED snorkeling, and was so excited when the sea turtles showed up!

    1. Thanks Sue. Swimming with the sea turtles was DEFINITELY my favorite part of vacation! :-)

  2. Hi Cristin, adorable as always, will be my next purchase (I already have the cutters Spa in Madrid, are beautiful, I love). Good luck in this new stage, kisses from Madrid (Spain).
    Rosa Galán

    1. I'm glad you are having fun with your spa cookie cutters Rosa! I had fun with this Hawaiian set too. I always love to hear from you! I hope you'll share pictures of your spa cookies on my Facebook page at Cristin's Cookies! Have an awesome day today!


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