Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fire Fighters To The Rescue - With Cookies

All last week hubby and I were out of town taking our last child to college. He is starting his 3rd year in the Engineering program. We decided to make a vacation of it and see the sites of Portland. The college area is very different than the rest of Portland. It was a VERY busy city. I signed us up for a bicycle tour which we really enjoyed. The tour was led by a girl not much older than my son and yet she was so knowledgeable on all the facts of the city. I absolutely loved the bike tour and so did hubby and son. At the end of our vacation, we helped Nick move into his dorm. I was extremely emotional. I like it when my children are home, but of course our job as parents is to teach our children to be independent and capable and self-sufficient. I'm excited for Nick and I'm thankful that I have my daughters and the grandbabies that are local. Now we are back home and back to cookies. I made some Fire Fighter cookies and had so much fun with them.

Cookie Cutters Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Free Printable Cookie Tags HERE
 Fernando the Fire Fighter available HERE

 Fire Truck available HERE

 Fire Hose available HERE

 Fire Fighter Hat available HERE

Dakota the Dalmatian Dog available HERE

 Fire Pit / Camp Fire available HERE

Fire Hydrant available HERE 

 Fire Boot / Rain Boot available HERE

Some pictures from our trip to Portland
and my inspiration for the Fire Fighter cookies was my beautiful grandson, Aidan with his fire truck outfit.

Fire Fighter blog background for today:


  1. I don't know which I like better - the cookies or adorable Aidan! Glad you got to enjoy Portland a bit! Good Luck to your son and I'm happy to see you got out & about, especially following your disappointing "staycation", lol!

    1. Thank you so much Joni! I'd have to say that my model was cuter than the cookies, but I'm okay with that ;-) and yes, vacation was a whole lot better than staycation ;-)

  2. Don't know which I like more - the cookies or adorable Aidan! Good luck to your son in college this year. And I'm happy to see you got out & about in Portland, following your "challenging" staycation, lol!


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