Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How Many Sea Creature Cookie Designs Does It Take To Turn Two

Have you ever gone on a "staycation"? It's a vacation where you stay at home. Everyone told me it would be great. Well I'm here to tell you that those people were LYING. You have visions of staying at home and relaxing and maybe getting caught up on a few projects. Maybe do a puzzle. Go for a walk. Watch movies. Relax and not work. Well I'll be honest with you. A staycation would only work if your family goes AWAY on an actual vacation and you stay home and relax. Instead what actually happens is that you and hubby and son all took a week off work. Every time you unload the dishwasher, the sink is already full with more dishes to run the dishwasher again. Hubby makes stinky bacon every day that stinks up the house. Son and his friends eat all the cookies and you have to hide one just to make sure you get one of the cookies you made. And the cleaning, we won't even talk about all the cleaning with having a house of two men and friends. And stupid you keeps working and cleaning. Staycation sucks. Don't let them fool you. Lessons learned. Go to Hawaii instead of a staycation ;-)

This is the last set of sea creature cookie cutters from Abigail's party. So really... it's an honest question... How Many Sea Creature Cookie Designs Does It Take To Turn Two? How many? A LOT. Yep, a lot. You saw the first set with 7 cookie cutters here and the second set with 6 cookie cutters here and now here is the last set with another 11 sea creature cookie cutters! Yep, that means that there were 24 special cookie cutters for Abigail's party. That's what it takes to turn two years old in style. 

Cookie Cutters Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Free Printable Cookie Bag Toppers HERE

 I love these Sea Diver cookies and have so much fun making them. We used this cutter for a mystery cookie cutter challenge and cookie gals made a bunch of different things with the cutter. I made a Sea Diver / Scuba Helmet. Cookie cutter available HERE

 Then I used my Wave cookie cutter for the sea creature set too. Cookie cutter available HERE

 and then I made Simone the Snorkel Girl cookie cutter too. Available HERE

and Simon the Snorkel Boy also available HERE

and Sebastian the Scuba Diver full body available HERE

 and more Freddie the Fishies too available HERE

 and this Oyster Clam Shell too available HERE

and Goldie the Goldfish available HERE

Stella the Star Fish available HERE

Manny the Manta Ray available HERE

Jenny the Jellyfish available HERE

 Sammy the Shark available HERE

 and Mathilda the Mermaid available HERE

24 cookie cutters
 22 icing colors
 But it was worth it to see Abigail's excitement!
Well that's the last of the sea creature cookies. So now that big project is over, I decided to do another project. I re-organized the play area at grandma's house. I can't wait to play with the babies :-)

Now I guess we need to start preparing for Aidan's 1st birthday!

 Sea Creature blog background. Thank you to Amy of Happy Heart Studios for creating the digital paper pack for me to create it!
The snorkel boy and girl were inspired by purchased clipart from JW Illustrations

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