Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Why Does A Bird Sing - Bird Cookies, Cookie Cutters and Free Printable Cookie Tags

A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song. Being a cookie decorator is the best job in the world. To get an idea of something and then turn it into a cookie and to see the expression of the person when they pick up the cookies. It's so great. I love seeing a project turn into a cookie. But there's a lot that a cookie decorator has to do that isn't so fun. I hate photography. Hate it and have no desire to learn to do better at it. A cookie decorator has to take lots of photos. And the glare on glaze icing cookies is difficult to work around. Then all those photos have to be watermarked because people actually steal the photos and claim them as their own. Yep, it happens. Then there's mixing all those icing colors. B.O.R.I.N.G. and it takes forever too. For me the worst part is making the cookie dough. It's tedious and time consuming and I'd much rather be decorating cookies. I had an intern over the summer. She made my cookie dough and she watermarked my photos. She ordered my supplies. She shopped for me. I basically just played cookies all summer. Let me tell you, it was pretty awesome. Then she went away to college. Meanie. Well yesterday, I had a perfect glimpse of what heaven is. I played with my granddaughter. We colored and played stickers and did puzzles and made a bead bracelet and drew on the sidewalk with chalk and played in her little pink plastic pool. Guess what my daughter did while I was playing? She made me 5 batches of cookie dough! She worked in my kitchen while I played. That right there folks, that's a peek into heaven. 

I made these love bird cookies for a wedding reception. I asked her what colors she wanted. She said whatever I wanted was fine. I said please narrow down a couple of options of what the bride's favorite colors are or the colors of the wedding because otherwise, we all know what colors I will choose. She said she wanted bright pink & lime green. Yep, she's my new best friend.

Cookie Cutters Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Free Printable Cookie Tags HERE
 Love Birds cookie cutter available HERE

Belinda Bird cookie cutter available HERE

Becky Bird cookie cutter available HERE

Barbara Bird cookie cutter available HERE

 Heart mini cookie cutter available HERE

 Can you tell that I had fun with these?
I bought my granddaughter a cute little birdie outfit, but it seems we never got a picture of her in it :( if I happen to find it, I'll add it here, but for now, I'll share a picture of the fun day I had yesterday. We'll just pretend those birds were really with us in the pink pool. Ok?
Found the bird outfit :) Not that you can tell, but there is a bird on the pants on Abigail. Cause you know, that matters to an OCD gal like me ;)

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