Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Winter Owls Because Owl Always Love You - Cookies, Cutters & Tutorial

Tomorrow the rain is coming, so I'm glad I got a bike ride in yesterday. I worked all morning in my cycling clothes with the plan to get out for a long ride. As often happens, the day slipped away with too much work to do, but I finally got out in the mid afternoon for a ride. I had to change my route to make sure I would get home before dark. I live in the hills, so anywhere I go, I have to climb home. That means that I have to make sure to leave enough energy in me to get back home via a hard climb. The wind was pretty intense going South yesterday. It beat me up pretty good, but the good news was that meant a nice tail wind going North toward home which almost never happens. So here's how it goes... you see the big hill and you tell yourself "this is going to hurt". But you take your time and you climb and you climb and you climb. Your jersey is soaking wet with sweat, your legs feel like dead-weights, but you get to the top and you realize, it wasn't as bad as you expected. That makes it a good day.

I have some "naked" cookies (that just means no icing on them yet) sitting next to me ready to get decorated, but for today, I have some owl cookies to share. I just love these.

Cookie Cutters Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Free Printable Cookie Tags HERE
 This is Olivia the Owl. She is a fun winter owl with a winter hat and scarf. Cookie cutter available HERE

 Abigail loves her owl dress. I bought a new one for this Christmas too.

 Owl blog background for today:

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