Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Don't Let Your Snowman Melt - Cookies and Tutorials

Yesterday I went ice skating with my daughter and two grandbabies. You know how when you do a different work-out using different muscles, you FEEL it. Um, yaaa. OUCH. With every step I take today, my bum is reminding me how much fun I had ice skating yesterday... so I'm tempted to post ice skating cookie photos, but today I have snowman cookies to share. I love them all. The newest to the collection is Caliope the snowman with winter hat, but the others make me squeal too. I have such a fun job!

Cookie Cutters Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Free Printable Cookie Tags HERE
 This is the latest in my set of Snowman cookie cutters. Her name is Caliope. I was going to give her a name that starts with an S like the other Snowman cutters, but you'll see soon that she is used in other ways than just a snowman and I've been itching to use the name Caliope ;-) You can get a Caliope snowman cookie cutter HERE

 and this is Stephen the Snowman. I love his hat. Cookie cutter available HERE

 and Stephen's girlfriend is Sarah the snowgirl with a big bow on her head. Cookie cutter available HERE

 Aren't they so cute together!

I just realized that I forgot to give Sarah Snowgirl blushed cheeks. In my opinion, everything looks better with rosy cheeks. Same is true with sanding sugar, just so you know ;-)
 and my very first snowman is Marvin the Melting Snowman. Isn't he so fun as he's starting to melt away. You should probably eat him up to put him out of his misery! Cookie cutter available HERE

 Don't forget to download tags for your cookies at the link at the top of the blog post.
 and then I used my Hibiscus cookie cutter to make a snowflake to finish off my platter of snowman cookies. It turned out to be the perfect shape for a fun and easy design of a snowflake. Cookie cutter available HERE

and I just have to share this photo of me and Abigail ice skating yesterday. This might be my most favorite picture of all time, well except there's one of me holding Mellissa just after my dad died and I think that's really my most favorite. Ugh and there's the tears just thinking of that one. But this picture is a close second.
 We had so much fun together yesterday!
Can you guess what Abigail must be dreaming of in her snowman pajamas?

Snowman blog background for today:


  1. You are one busy cookie decorator, and a very loved grandma (and mom)! Such cute cookies and SWEET ice skating photos! :)

    1. Thank you Sue. You always make me smile with your kind words!

  2. Cute Grandkids :) I remember when my daughter turned 3 she could finally take lessons, she was so excited, she's 11 now and not so excited!
    The cookies are adorable, I'll be ordering those cutters today. You're going to have to stop making so many cute cutters, I'm running out of room but somehow I find another spot, who needs clothes in a closet !!!

    1. Ha Ha, I know what you mean, I have cookie cutters in my closet too! It's an obsession ;-)


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