Monday, November 10, 2014

What Are You Grateful For? COOKIE GIVE-AWAY! Thanksgiving Cookies and Tutorial Cards

What are you grateful for? I took a yoga class at the local community college last year and one of the assignments was to write down 100 things we are grateful for. Easiest project ever. Even when things are awful, there are always ways to find the good in things and be grateful. I find that if I'm struggling, then going to volunteer and be of service makes things better and feels good and reminds us of all we have to be grateful for. So on my Facebook page today only, I am hosting a GIVE AWAY a box of cookies to two winners. All you have to do is go here and comment with something you are grateful for and I will choose two random winners tonight. Only entries on my Facebook page will count.

Cookie Cutters Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Free Printable Cookie Tags HERE
 Istas the Indian Girl. She is my favorite. I love her braids. I updated the cookie cutter so that the braids don't get stuck and there's plenty of room for her smiling face and the top of her outfit. You can get the cookie cutter HERE
 You can download the tutorial cards in the yellow section at the beginning of this blog post.
 Isn't she so cute? I LOVE her.
To make the skin tone for the Indians, I aimed for a "caramel" color. I mixed Americolor Warm Brown and Americolor Gold for the skin color. All colors shown below.

 Irik the Indian Boy, cookie cutter available HERE

 Paula the Pilgrim Girl, with a nice simple to decorate face. She is so sweet. Cookie cutter available HERE

For the skin color on the Pilgrims, I mixed Wilton Copper, but wasn't happy with that color, so I added a tiny bit of Americolor Warm Brown and then I added Americolor White to tone it down.

 Palmer the Pilgrim Boy, cookie cutter available HERE

 Thomas the Turkey holding an EAT HAM sign. If I were a turkey, I'd be holding that sign too! Cookie cutter available HERE

 I decorated him two ways. The one on the right is all outlined, whereas the one on the left has the details on top like his beak, the red part and his feet. Which version do you like best? 
 and Timmy the Turkey with Pilgrim Hat, cookie cutter available HERE

and then there is my Kathleen the Turkey with Feathers for a fun Thanksgiving platter to bring to dinner parties. Cookie cutter available HERE

 all outlined
 and all completed
Abigail and Aidan in their new Thanksgiving outfits:
I can't believe how much they've grown from last Thanksgiving when Aidan was a newborn baby boy!
Don't forget to enter the give-away for a box of free cookies! Two winners will be chosen at midnight tonight! Enter by going to my Facebook page HERE and leave a comment saying what you are grateful for.

Thanksgiving blog background for today:


  1. This set is sooooo cute! You always do such a fabulous job!

    1. aww thank you sweet Melody! And thanks for being the first one to comment on my give-away today :-) Cristin

  2. Beautiful Cristin! I love your work!

    1. Thank you so much Thyjuan! I thought of you the other day. I made some Grinch cookies. I'm not going to post them because of all the copyright issues, but I made some for my family and I thought of you because yours are AMAZING. My hubby is a complete Grinch fan :-)


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