Wednesday, January 14, 2015

An Elephant Never Forgets - Cookies & Cookie Cutters

I bought the cutest ever elephant dress for little Abigail. Seriously just adorable! The cool thing is that the elephant was almost identical to my Ellie the Elephant cookie cutter. All I had to do was add a crown and it was an exact match. So I used my existing cookie cutter and then I took it a step farther and made an elephant cookie cutter with a crown and made a mini crown to make the cookies 3 different ways. Scroll to the bottom to see Abigail in her new dress.

Cookie Cutters Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Free Printable Cookie Tags HERE
 This is Emma the Elephant cookie cutter with crown. You can get yours HERE

So cute huh! 
If you already have my other elephant cookie cutter, Ellie the Elephant, then here's how you can make her have a crown too. I used my Ellie cookie cutter and made a mini crown cookie cutter to go with her. You can get Ellie the Elephant and mini crown cutters HERE 
 As you can see, I cut off the right side of Ellie's bow on top of her head. I left the left side up to use to hold on the mini crown.
 and I made these mini crown cookies for accents on the platter and for use with Ellie the Elephant. You can get the mini crown cookie cutter HERE
I outlined the crown in pink and added white small candy dots (or you could use icing) to the tips of the crown
and I put a little dollop of icing on the left side of the bow to hold on the crown to Ellie the Elephant.
 This is Ellie the Elephant with Bow. The one with the crown is Emma the Elephant. You can get the elephant cookie cutters HERE

It was fun to make her in pink & grey and to make some plaid accent circle cookies to go with her. You'll see why in a minute...
I just loved how these came out and I had so much fun making them.
and here's my inspiration. Little Abigail in her new elephant dress from Grandma. I know she's cuter than the cookies, but I try ;)

I was hoping to get out for a bike ride today, but I'm so behind after the Christmas holidays that I'm lucky if I get in a shower! My office is over-flowing. Hoping to get caught up soon.

 Elephant blog background for today:

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