Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Penguin Cookies with Cookie Cutter In Two Sizes

Nick went back to college Sunday night. I miss him already. We did a lot of fun things together, but the month with him home from college felt like a matter of days. I really like it when my kids are home. I have to remind myself that he is where he is meant to be and it is for his future. We had a going away "party" get together for him Sunday night. My house looks like a tornado hit it! Still. Food and dishes on every surface of each counter in the kitchen. Still. I'm trying to get caught up on some work before delving into the dishes and cleaning. I bought an adorable penguin dress for little Abigail for this winter season. Every time I see her in it, I want to squeal. So I made some cookies. Cause you know, that's what I do.

Cookie Cutter Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Free Printable Cookie Tags HERE
 I made this penguin cookie cutter available in TWO sizes so that you can make a mom and a baby. The mom measures 4.75" and the baby measures 3.75" I named her Erin. You can get Erin the penguin cookie cutter HERE

 Two sizes available to make mom and child penguins

 I also made fun snowball cookies for my platter picture. The kids love it when I make mini cookies to go with the platter picture because they get to eat those up in one quick bite. To make the fun swirl cookies that look like snowballs, I used white flood icing and while it was still wet, I put some blue in a question mark pattern around the edges of the round cookie. Then I used my boo-boo stick (the yellow thing or a toothpick will work fine) and swirled it in a circular motion.
 Aren't they so cute together? I just love penguins and had so much fun with these.
and in case you don't believe me that my house is a huge mess after Nick's going away party. You can see here there is no open space on any of the counters in my kitchen! This does not work well for a neat freak like me!
but seeing smiles from Abigail and Aidan makes everything okay.

Now that Nick is back at school, I have to get caught up on the piles in my office waiting for me and then get a bunch of cookie designs out of my head. I've been hearing from other cookie decorators that I'm not the only one that is not caught up after the holidays. That makes me feel better. How about you? Are you back on regular schedule yet? Or still feeling a little overwhelmed? 

Penguin blog background for today:

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