Thursday, January 8, 2015

Brrr It's Cold In Here Winter Cookie Cutters & Free Printable Cookie Tags

Brrr... It's cold in here, there must be some (Toros) in the atmosphere. Do you remember that song? Do you know the next line? Oh-Ee-Oh-Ee-Oh, Ice Ice Ice! Your welcome. I know you just got up and did a little cheerleading. Okay, maybe not. But it HAS been COLD and I always think of that song when I say Brrr. Even here in California, it's been really, really cold! Not quite as cold as my trip to Boston a few weeks ago, but still. I've gone for a couple of bike rides in 2015 and wool socks just aren't cutting it. I hear the East Coast is getting REALLY cold now. We're actually warming up a little today, so I'm hoping to fit in a bike ride. I made these girl and boy cookie cutters a couple months ago when our SF Giants were in the World Series for Baseball. I didn't get a chance to release the cutters and photos for those yet, but I pulled them out again for winter and thought they would make adorable winter children.

Cookie Cutters Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Free Printable Cookie Tags HERE

This is Wynn the Winter Girl. I love her with her pretty wavy hair. Can't you just see how I used her for baseball with turning her winter hat into a baseball cap. Easy peasy. And her scarf was easily turned into the top of a shirt. You can get Wynn the Winter Girl cookie cutter HERE

 This is her brother, Wayne the Winter Boy. I also used him as a baseball set with a baseball cap instead of a winter hat. He is so easy to decorate and ends up so cute! You can get Wayne the Winter boy cookie cutter HERE

 and you probably remember Alexa my winter girl. I imagine her ice skating out in the cold while bundled up nice and warm. She is still one of my very favorites! You can get Alexa the Winter Girl cookie cutter HERE

and since I made a new winter boy and winter girl, I have to also remember my Elf cookie cutter that doubles nicely as a Winter Child named Marlene. Cookie cutter available HERE

and don't forget your mittens when you go out in the cold. Mittens on a string cookie cutter available HERE

and when you're all done outside playing in the cold, you can warm up with some steaming hot cocoa. I'll be doing that today for sure. Hot cocoa cookie cutter available HERE

 I'm really more of a summer girl since I don't like to be cold, but I'm having so much fun making winter cookies! And hey, it warms up the house when the oven is on :)
So how cold is it where YOU are?

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