Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Playing Princess Cookies with Cindy

About a month ago, I received a message from Cindy of Cindy's Cozy Kitchen to say that she was going to be traveling from Texas and she'd like to plan a cookie play day together in California. How fun is that?! So we scheduled our play day and got it on the books. I had a bunch of fun ideas of things we could do together. Unfortunately all my ideas didn't come to fruition because right before Cindy was coming, my dog got very sick and I got very consumed with taking care of him and a good friend of ours passed away suddenly and my husband and I did a campaign to try to raise money for his funeral since he didn't leave provisions for his wife and 6 children. And to top it off, Nick was home from college for Spring Break and our sweet pup, Eddie, died. What a week. Thankfully Cindy was a trooper and helped me to not stress over planning our cookie play date and it ended up being perfect timing to have such a sweet friend come and spend the day together.

Cindy is a pink girl like me, so I thought it would be perfect to make princess cookies together. She is a royal icing gal, but she was up for playing with a different medium, so we made our princess cookies using my glaze icing.

Cookie Cutters Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
Free Printable Cookie Tags HERE
 Princess cookie cutter available HERE
 New Princess Dress cookie cutter available HERE
 I forgot to take photos of all our cookies outlined before decorating them, but up at the top of this blog post, highlighted in yellow, you can download the tutorial cards. This princess dress is a brand new design and thankfully I was able to get one photo outlined. 
 Princess Tiara Cookie Cutter Available HERE
 Castle Cookie Cutter Available HERE
 Fairy Godmother Cookie Cutter Available HERE 
 Stiletto Shoe Cookie Cutter Available HERE the perfect princess shoe, don't you think?
 Frog Cookie Cutter Available HERE because you know you only get a prince after kissing some frogs ;)
 This is my friend Cindy. Isn't she just adorable! She is a teeny tiny little thing and she likes pink too. She has even had pink streaks in her hair and she has that adorable Texan twang and says y'all. You can see her cookie page HERE at Cindy's Cozy's Kitchen
Look at the amazing pink and adorable cookies and gifts she brought for me! What a sweetie! She stopped by Whimsy Cookies in Tennessee and bought a bunch of pink goodies there too.
Here is a close-up of the cookies that she made for me. Look at the bicycle and all the pink! Beautiful! She absolutely touched my heart with her kindness!
 and after our play date together, she left Cristin's Cookies with a goodie bag too. Cookie cutters in lobster, baby girl, Easter cross, Bunny with Bow Tie and a Cat/Tiger/Raccoon/Fox variety use cookie cutter and a bunch of sprinkles and fun supplies.
Here is Cindy working on the Kopykake to start her Princess cookie.
 We didn't have time to finish all the cookies we planned, but here are some of castle themed cookies that Cindy made beautiful.

and my summer intern, Liann, is home for Spring Break this week and after she made me a bunch of cookie dough, she sat down to play with us too. I should have gotten a picture of her decorating her princess. She's going to come back to finish the rest of her cookies tomorrow.
 This morning I bagged my cookies and I'm doing a give-away on my Cristin's Cookies page today. Go enter the drawing to have a box of yummy cookies sent to you!

Thanks for the super fun day together sweet Cindy!

Princess blog background for today:

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