Tuesday, January 19, 2016

CookieCon & Cookies & A Book

In September, I attended CookieCon which is a convention in Utah for 450 cookie decorators and suppliers and instructors. It was amazing to say the least! I was super nervous about going, but I was asked to attend by my friend, Pam of CookieCrazie to help her with a cookie decorating pre- class using glaze icing. I knew that being of service would get me out of my head and away from my nerves. Pam did a great job. She had 3 classes that came before the start of CookieCon. She doesn't get nervous around new people the way that I do and honestly, we were so beyond busy that I really didn't feel nervous either. Plus I sat in the background and just got the things that Pam needed. Before and after the classes, we worked like crazy making all the icing and prepping all the supplies and hand-washing everything. 
Once the pre-classes were all done, I was ready for a vacation at CookieCon, but actually that's when the real nerves set in. In the pre-classes we were stuck in a room and really didn't see the other instructors and many of the CookieCon participants hadn't arrived yet. So once the convention started, it was *boom* you're in a room with 450 people and people were actually asking me for my autograph! WHAT?! I actually laughed the first time someone asked me, but I had been invited to be a part of a secret project book that was given out at CookieCon. The book was amazing, truly incredible. There were 20 cookie decorators invited to participate. Each cookie decorator was asked to decorate a set of cookies to go within a specific page theme of the book. It was incredible watching it all come together and such an incredible honor to be asked to participate.
(old photo since she wouldn't let me take one at CookieCon)

My wonderful friend, Laura, did a great job of looking after me at CookieCon. When it got overwhelming, she pulled me aside and we stepped away from the convention to relax and regroup. Everyone thinks I'm outgoing and I am in small groups, but if I feel like I'm in a spotlight, then I have an incredible need to hide under a rock or run away! So I knew that I needed to get back to the place of being of service which always calms my nerves and so I turned the tables. Everyone that asked me to sign their book, I said that I would sign their book, but only if THEY signed my book. That worked like a charm for my nerves and I had such a better time once I did that.
If you give a cookie decorator an order, she's going to have to shop for new cutters!
This is my version of CookieCon designed by Mike Summers. She's thinking of the cookie designs she will need for her cookie order.
Then she goes shopping to find just the right cutters.
and she comes home with many bags of supplies, but not exactly the cutters she wants
So she shops online - you know at www.cristinscookiecutters.com 
 and she quickly receives her order from Cheap Cookie Cutters and get started making her cookies
and here they are together
I made a few cookie cutters to help me with these cookies. I had a lot of fun seeing the cookies come together and then to see what the cookie decorators each came up with absolutely blew my mind!
Karen and Mike Summers of Karen's Cookies did an incredible job of putting together and hosting CookieCon. I don't know how on earth they did it. I imagine that they didn't sleep for months leading up the event! All the instructors and the vendors were awesome. I was proud that Cheap Cookie Cutters included a 10% off coupon in the swag bags and also donated a $50 gift certificate to the raffle prize table.

I didn't get a picture with my friend, Laura. She doesn't like photos which makes me crazy since it's a memory and we had soooo much fun together. So this is my favorite photo of CookieCon. This is me with Monica of Cookie Cowgirl. There are so many amazing fun and kind cookie decorators and I absolutely love them all, but this photo shows how I feel about Monica. She is everything I'm not. She is super outgoing and confident and adorable and WAAY fun and I just absolutely admire her for being all the things that I can't. On top of all that, she is a true artist. I mean the kind of artist that you give her a paintbrush and a cookie and watch out. Amazing. I love her. And it's funny because people like her make me crazy nervous. Where you look at them and think "do you know who you are? and you're talking to ME?" That's how I think of Monica and yet she runs up to you and gives you these incredible bear hugs and makes you feel accepted and she's just one of the gals.  There are many others that are like that too like Georgeanne and Myriam and Anita and for sure, Callye
So I had a great time at CookieCon. Would I do it again? I'm not sure. My personality and shyness is easier behind a computer screen. I strive to always learn and grow and put myself out there, but that's a lot. I couldn't have done it without the army of cookie gals that helped me through. These girls got me there, Nancy & Sherree. I was supposed to get to the convention center early for a 6pm meeting with the instructors and staff, so I changed my flight to get there earlier. Well that flight got canceled. Oh, it was all such a mess. I won't even go into all of it. I missed the meeting, but I was able to fly with these girls and they kept me calm and centered. Laura took over once we arrived. Monica's hugs and calmness kept me going. Karen and Mike made me feel welcome and part of the family. Pam asked me to be of service and it turned into a week of girl time that was nerve-wracking and possibly the most fun I've ever had!
There were so many highlights. I got to meet little Penelope. Monica made me a candy necklace. Laura and I walked to The Cheesecake Factory for strawberry shortcake. Some of the fun photos from CookieCon...
So if you haven't gone to CookieCon. Go. Even if you're an introvert. It is filled with people that enjoy what you enjoy (cookie decorating) and you get to learn from the best and play with the best. It's truly a memory trip!

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  1. I'm sorry I didn't get to spend more time with you at cookiecon. It us a crazy few days. I'm looking forward to the next cookiecon! Kate

    1. You were like a fly by this past CookieCon! Busy bee! I'm glad I at least got a quick hug my friend! It's always good to hear from you Kate!


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