Monday, February 1, 2016

Girl Birthday Cookies For a Special Gal

In March last year, our 13 1/2 year old sweet Boxer dog, Eddie, passed away. He was such an amazing part of our family and we were very literally broken people after he passed. We went online to Nor Cal Boxer Rescue to see about adopting a rescue dog. It said on the website that applicants would be contacted within 2 days and we waited over a week and heard nothing. This broke us down even more. We are really good doggy parents! It turned out that the Boxer Rescue contacted us right away, but for some odd reason, their emails were going into my spam folder. I never had things go in spam and that week, even my friends emails were going in spam. So we were beyond thankful to hear from them and we went to a foster family to meet Kobe. The foster parents were Tom & Kat and they had been taking care of Kobe until he found his forever home. I knew that we needed a cuddly dog and was anxious to see if Kobe would fit in our family. Tom & Kat had two other Boxer dogs that were their own and they were doing the usual Boxer antics in jumping around and being excited that someone new was in their home. Kobe just sat down next to me and put his paw on my knee. Yep, I fell in love. Truly in love. Kobe didn't have an easy life. We don't know exactly what he's been through, but he has several scars, missing half his teeth and has had a few foster families. Well even with that, he's the most cuddly dog we've ever had. He never does anything wrong and he snuggles in super close. We absolutely adore him. We are so beyond thankful to the Nor Cal Boxer Rescue and to Tom & Kat for taking care of Kobe until he became a part of our family. These people have hearts of gold for doing all they do to save these dogs and give them a better life. Kat had a birthday last weekend and I was excited that Tom ordered cookies for her party because it meant that he got to come see Kobe and he was SOOO excited to see his foster dad again! I made extra designs of my birthday cookies so that I could take a platter picture of them together and then forgot to take the photo!

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 I used a Wilton tombstone cookie cutter for these

 Birthday Cookies bagged
 This is Tom, Kobe's foster dad. Kobe was so excited to see him again!
Did I mention that Kobe likes to get really close when he cuddles?! I ADORE this pup!

Happy Birthday to Kat, Foster mom to Kobe!

Birthday blog background for today:

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