Thursday, February 25, 2016

Summer Is Coming Along With Snow Cones & Milk Shakes

I took a bit of a hit last week and it put me in a weird funk that I had trouble shaking out of. You know the kind that makes you wonder about the time and effort you're putting into something and relying on others to do their part. It didn't help that hubby has been out of town for 11 long days and so he couldn't help with my frustration. I was stuck and my mind was going bonkers trying to figure out a solution. So I took some time off, did a lot of bike rides, worked out some frustration and cleared my head. I guess I needed the "me" time. Everything seems to have worked itself out now and we all go through difficult times, but I guess the key is to plug along doing the right thing, caring for yourself and those you care for and always learn and grow. Everything works out. For a few months now, I've wanted to move and get out of the busy Bay Area of California. I still want to move, but I will say that on those bike rides this past week, I sure saw the good parts of California. You just can't beat the weather here. While much of the country has people shoveling snow, my bike rides included incredibly sunny days with high's in the 70's. So because of this, I thought we needed some summer drinks on the blog today. Snow cones and milk shakes specifically. I made these with banana flavored cookie dough. Yum!

Cookie Cutters Available HERE
Download Tutorial Cards HERE
 Milk Shake with straw cookie cutter available HERE

 This snow cone was a custom request way back when I first started making cookie cutters and I finally made the cookies to try it out. I'm told it is a "Louisiana" snow cone. We have them here in California too at the theme parks and water parks. My favorite flavor is definitely banana. Snow cone cookie cutter available HERE

 and since I used banana flavored cookie dough, I also made some fun lollipop cookies with a simple circle cookie cutter.

 This is how I make lollipop cookies. I don't like to bake the stick into the cookie, so I use popsicle sticks and I attach it on with shipping tape to the back of the bag and tie it off with a ribbon.

If you want to try out my recipe for banana flavored cookie dough with crushed up banana candies, you can download the recipe HERE

and pics of my beautiful bike ride in Sunny California. It feels like it's Spring already!

Sunshine blog background for today:

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